Benefits of a Walking Tour

Walking tours have become a popular holiday over the last few years. Why have they become so popular, and are they really worth trying for yourself?


The main benefit of a walking tour is the exercise it gives you. You need to be prepared, or the amount of exercise can cause you pain and discomfort. Spending a small amount of time exercising or walking each day before your tour will help prepare your legs for the trip. While walking tours are not for everyone, the exercise and fresh air can make you feel exhilarated. During the first few days, you might be a little tired, but after you get through the beginning, the continued exercise will benefit you in several different ways. Sometimes when you go on holiday, you become so tired from all the planning and packing that when you arrive, you simply want to sit down and watch TV. This holiday would be forgettable, however. Why choose to do that when you can make your holiday something you will never forget?



Obviously, a walking tour consists of being outdoors a majority of the time. How does this benefit you? You will soak up plenty of Vitamin D from the sun, and your lungs will be filtering fresh air instead of polluted city air. Both of these are healthy for your body. If you are not normally an outdoor person, you will have the opportunity to try something new and spend time close to nature.



Walking tours also offer breathtaking views.  Instead of simply going to the same beach over and over again when you’re on holiday, you will be seeing new spots with every passing day. The views will be stunning – not the sort of thing you would see on your commute to work –and you will want to take along a camera to document them for later.


Walking tours also offer a plethora of options. You can choose between guided and self-guided tours. You can choose the length and difficulty. If it is your first walking tour, choosing a milder option such as one that covers eight to ten kilometres a day will be the wisest decision. However, if you are an experienced walker, you may choose a more difficult path. You can decide if you want a mountain tour or a Great Ocean walk tour, depending on your tastes. The sheer variety of walking tour options and start dates is impressive.


By choosing to go with an established walking tour company, you will have an exact list of what you need to pack. They will prepare your meals, and you will simply follow their proven itinerary every day. You will not need to worry about having gone too far or needing to go much farther. You will have an exact trip planned out for you to fit your walking needs and get you to a safe place to spend each night. Their experience with the itineraries means that any problems have been smoothed out beforehand, and you will be able to enjoy your walking tour without the worry of preparation.stanage-edge

As you can see, walking tours can be a great holiday, giving you lasting memories while also benefiting your health.